The R-Jet PRO DTG/F combines the DTG, Print & Cut, Screen Printing & White Toner processes into one simple product.


no weeding 


no pre-treatment


no joke

Switching between printing directly onto cotton garments and DTF films is all handled by the Resolute RIP software. Both DTG Prints and DTF prints require no weeding, just a simple heat press once printed to cure the ink and you are done.

No other printer that combines the DTG and DTF process can match the R-Jet PRO's performance and quality. 


The R-Jet PRO DTG/F is a stand alone DTG printer with a twist. Designed to print directly onto fabric when you need that ink only look and feel. Fitted with a heated vacuum bed and two print directions allows it to create water based film transfers. Combing DTG and DTF into one simple product with both produced in a single pass makes this a unique production system.  The printer benefits from dual print head technology, producing a printed garment or full colour transfer including white ink in a single pass faster than any other dual purpose printer in its price range.


powered by

Resolute RIP

Driven by our own Resolute RIP PRO software the R-Jet PRO DTG/F becomes a true production printer. With automatic under base production, image nesting, variable data, barcode job creation and job costing your workflow could not be in better hands.  

runs on

Resolute premium inks

The R-Jet PRO DTF is profiled to run on  a special formulation based on Resolute Premium DTF Inks allowing it to print onto cotton garments and DTF film with the same durability. These high quality low impact water based inks produce vibrant prints with excellent stretch and durability in the wash. We believe this to be the only UK supplied water based production printing system of its kind. Suitable for high volume workwear, high viz safety clothing, polyester, cotton & performance sports wear. 

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