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our fastest DTF printer yet

The R-Jet PRO DTF V8 is a production dtf printer that can print at up to 28 linear metres an hour. It has a staggered 4 print head configuration allowing it to layer ink which aids the vibrancy and density of the colours including white.

the DTF printer with V8 power and speed

film loading made easy

The R-Jet PRO DTF V8 has servo assisted film pinch rollers, with a button on the front of the dtf printer and at the back where the landing takes place. This feature makes loading and aligning film a simple task.

R-Jet PRO DTF V8 auto wet capping

The R-Jet PRO DTF V8 has onboard wet capping built in, with a simple press of a button watch as your print head docks fill up with capping solution ready for safe parking until the next time you print.


precision engineering

R-Jet PRO DTF V8 is a piece of engineering genius, components are precision cnc milled to the highest standard from high grade aluminium. At just 2 metres wide it packs a lot of features into its relatively small footprint.

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