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The Impact of Emerging Technology in the DTF Market: What You Need to Know

In the land of DTF, things change quickly. Keeping an eye on the latest DTF technology can be tricky: in 2023 there were some huge developments, in 2024 we are going to see the DTF process increase its foothold in the textile and promotional item decoration industry with some older technologies becoming casualties along the way.

What are the most common questions I am asked on a daily basis? Some of the answers might shock you.

Resolute's investment in R&D is a hefty one, a lot of my time is spent burning the midnight oil writing reports, often on long haul overnight flights. Keeping an eye on DTF technology is key to Resolutes success and more importantly, our customers success. When a relatively new process or product emerges, like DTF, the trend is for many companies to jump on the bandwagon to make a quick buck, with little or no industry experience, while the print industries buying frenzy takes place. To help you navigate through the wild west of DTF, I have listed some of the most common questions I am asked on a daily basis, some of the answers might shock you. If you are planning on buying from Resolute I can put your mind at rest, we provide the most comprehensive warranties that include, travel and labour, and from February 2024 Print heads are covered for clogging on the R-Jet PRO DTF V range*.

Q - What is the cheapest ink that gives the best results?
Q - How long will the print heads last?
Q - What is included in the warranty and what is excluded.
Q - What training is included when the printer is installed.
Q - Is additional or advanced training available and at what cost.
Q - Are the print heads covered against ink clogging.
Q - I purchased a printer from another company can you help me.

DTF shimmers in 2024 with the best metallic films for DTF we have seen to date. Say hello to some serious DTF bling!

As the DTF process matures, more and more vinyl manufacturers are diversifying. Switching production to supply the DTF market means speciality DTF films are appearing, widening the use of DTF even further. In 2024 Resolute launched its new metallic range, which currently stands at 7 different true metallic films. The durability is also very good, solid metallic colours are machine washable at 30c as are the glitter versions. Tumble drying is not recommended especially when using the glitter versions.

Dance wear, theatre costumes and many more can now benefit from these new films.

The printing and application method for these films is quite simple but very different to regular DTF printing. Follow these steps and you should achieve good results from the start. Don't be tempted to cheat as it will degrade the quality.

  • Print your image in white ink only

  • Try not to use fine detail & thin lines, these can be difficult to peel

  • Reduce the level of white to approx 50% (check for bleed and reduce if required)

  • Cure & apply powder through the finishing unit as normal

  • Use the printed films the same day it is printed for best results

  • Cover the garment with silicone paper

  • Pre-press the garment to remove moisture

  • Position the metallic film onto the garment and cover with silicone paper

  • Press the metallic film for 15 seconds @ 150c medium pressure

  • Allow to rest for 20 minutes before attempting to peel (yes, 20 minutes!)

  • Peel the film back on itself (do not lift the film upwards)

  • Remove any flecks remaining with a lint removal roller

  • Second press covered with silicone paper for 5 seconds medium pressure

The results should be stunning. The 20 minute waiting time before peeling is due to a memory effect that occurs when the film it heated up. This adds to the flexibility and durability of the finished product. Leave the pressed garment to one side for 20 minutes before peeling, you can press all your garments and then peel them after the 20 minutes.

Are your printheads covered for clogging under warranty? From February 2024 Resolute's are!

Resolute introduce anti clogging Printhead warranty in February 2024

Are your print heads covered for clogging? from February 2024 Resolute's are.

At the time of publishing this blog, to the best of my knowledge, Resolute will be the first UK DTF company to offer a 24 month warranty on print heads against ink clogging when using a production purpose built R-Jet PRO DTF. How can we do this? Working with the top DTF ink manufacturers in the world, gives Resolute the confidence to offer warranty terms that go above and beyond the warranty of any other UK companies. The official launch of this amazing new warranty service was at Printwear & Promotion Live 2024, hop onto the Resolute stand B20 for further details. Any orders placed from February 1st 2024 will be eligible subject to the terms & conditions of the new print head warranty. If you already own an R-Jet PRO DTF and it is less than 12 months old, we may be able to include you in this new service subject to terms & conditions. Please contact sales for further information.

R-Jet PRO DTF UVi launches - take the ink to the product instead of feeding the product through the UV printer.

DTF UV transfers allow odd shaped products to be decorated that would otherwise be impossible to print onto. From simple small format signage to parts that are already installed, the R-Jet PRO DTF UVi produces flexible self adhesive transfers that can be applied in some amazingly difficult areas and to some products impossible to feed through a standard flat bed UV printer.

Gone are the days of complex jigs and the long setup times, our new UV printer produces high quality self adhesive transfers that leave only the ink on the product. No weeding or application tape is required, the process is as simple as importing your artwork, printing it, and then applying the ink to the product. This simple application video shows how quick and simple it is to decorate a product in seconds.

We hope to see you at The Print Show 2024, or sooner in our new purpose built showroom.

Please note: between February 1st 2024 & March 31st 2024 we will be transitioning into our new premises. Situated only 4 miles from our current units we hope to keep any disruption to a minimum. Our new address is

Resolute - Unit 5, Wingfield Court, Clay Cross S45 9JA.

Telephone numbers will remain the same, general office 01246 202686

All DDI numbers are the same.

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