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The Resolute R-Jet PRO DTF MIDI

Since launching the R-Jet PRO DTF 60cm automated system early in 2021, we have seen an increasing amount of businesses that love and want the DTF process, but did not physically have enough room to fit the system in.

Resolute started extensive R&D testing of the many 30cm to 60cm stand alone DTF printers available back in 2021. With a mismatch of software, clunky unfriendly RIPs, poor performance and some without white ink circulation, we decided the only way to have a product that fitted the needs of our customers was to clone the existing R-Jet PRO DTF system.

Tasking our trusted manufacturing partners to make this printer, and three prototypes later, the R-Jet PRO DTF MIDI has finally arrived. After extensive testing at our beta sites we are finally ready to unveil this amazing compact high speed printer. It is a true clone and using the same dual print heads, carriage, control boards and ink system as its big brother, it delivers quality and speed in less space.


What are the differences between the two systems?

There are three main differences in our two production printers.

  1. Film width is 42cm rather than 60cm.

  2. It uses a draw system curing oven rather than a conveyor system.

  3. Smaller footprint allowing for on demand retail or event printing.


Big features small footprint

Fitting through a standard door and small enough to fit in a retail shop environment the

R-Jet PRO DTF MIDI opens up the DTF process to businesses that require a smaller footprint for their DTF printing but insist on all the important functions.

White Ink Management

One of the most important features to consider when buying a DTF printer is how it manages the white ink. The R-Jet PRO DTF MIDI has a fully automated White Ink circulation system with automatic tank stirring. It looks after the white ink so you don’t have to. There are no bags or cartridges to shake on the R-Jet PRO DTF MIDI.

It is a well known fact that printers without white ink circulation systems are prone to clogging the print heads and blocking the dampers.

  • Fully automated white ink circulation and tank stirring.

  • Wet cap system allowing the printer to be turned off when not in use.

  • Heated film intake and feed out table.

  • Vacuum bed for film stability.

  • Driven by Resolute RIP.

  • Delivered and installed by Resolute's own engineers.

  • Training included, on-site or in Resolutes DTF Boot Camp.

  • Full parts & labour 12 month warranty.

  • Access to Resolute's Trade Print Service included in the warranty (exclusive to owners).

  • Extendable warranty for years 2 & 3.


Where can the printer be seen in action

We are booking demonstrations in at Resolute HQ right now and the printer will be added to our main DTF website over the next few days. We are currently moving into larger premises but the MIDI can be seen here in the Resolute’s existing showroom.


Printing speed and quality

Because the R-Jet PRO DTF MIDI uses the same print head carriage, driver boards and mechanical parts it looks and even sounds like its big brother. The quality is exceptional and using a 42cm film width means you can print big, in fact the R-Jet PRO DTF MIDI can print and fill a traditional 40cm x 50cm heat press area in under two minutes.


How much does it cost?

The R-Jet PRO DTF MIDI is priced very competitively, with all the features of its big brother and using technology that is proven out in the field, it is incredible value for money. If you would like costings, a sample transfer or to book a video or in person demonstration, fill out the form below or simply give us a call on 01246 202686.

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