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R-Jet PRO DTF V4i & V8i
Multiply Your Printing Potential 

At Resolute, we're redefining what's possible in the world of printing technology. Our latest innovations, the R-Jet PRO DTF V4i & V8i multifunction printers, are set to change the way you print and save you a substantial amount of money.


no weeding 


no pre-treatment


no joke

Direct to film is an amazing breakthrough in garment decoration technology. Seeing is believing how soft and durable the prints are, the DTF process is set to change the way many companies large or small, produce decorated garments. Resolute DTG are experts in the inkjet industry and lead the way in this exciting new textile printing process in the UK. From high volume mass production fully automated systems to our 42cm small foot print version Resolute remain the choice of the UK's garment decoration professionals.

Unprecedented Versatility

Imagine a single printing system that effortlessly produces DTF transfers for garments and textiles while seamlessly switching gears to create large format posters, labels, and much more. Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Resolute_DTF V8 b.png
Resolute_DTF 4d copy.png

Made Possible

Through R&D


This remarkable leap in printing technology has been made possible through our unwavering commitment to research and development, as well as our collaboration with brilliant engineers. It's a huge step forward that not only enhances efficiency and versatility but also leads to significant cost savings… 


No longer will you need two separate printers, eliminating massive expenses!

Unlock Multifunctionality

If you currently use our R-Jet PRO DTF V4 or V8 printers, these can easily be upgraded to enable multifunctionality. 


For Labels: You’ll need to purchase the cutting module for RIP V11. This module is included with every R-Jet PRO DTF V4i or V8i, easily identifiable by their sleek all-black design. You'll also need a cutter, and we offer a FlatBed cutter that can handle both DTF prints and large format media. If you have a different cutter in mind, we can discuss compatibility options.

For Large Format Printing: Ensure you're using an R-Jet PRO DTF V4 or V8 with RIP V11. If you need to upgrade your RIP software, our sales department can provide you with the necessary details.

Resolute_DTF V8 c.png

complete print solution
cotton-polyester-workwear- packaging

The R-Jet PRO DTF printer offers a complete end to end print system that can replace and do the work of 4 industry standard print processes. Print & Cut, DTG, White toner & Screen printing. With no weeding and no pre-treatment required and the benefit of being able to print onto polyester and workwear it is fast becoming the preferred way to decorate textiles and promotional products. The prints are soft, they will not crack or wash off, due to the quality of the prints made on the R-Jet PRO DTF it is suitable for workwear and high viz applications.

Resolute_DTF 4c copy.png

Resolute R-Jet PRO DTF V4i & v8i - it's not just for t-shirts

To receive a free sample transfer, book a demonstration or discuss pricing on the different DTF options we supply, please submit your details below. Available in the UK only.

Thanks for enquiring, we will be in touch soon.​ Please check your spam folder as we will email a reply and requested info.

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