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Say hello to powderless DTF
The R-Jet PRO DTF Hybrid 1

The new and exciting R-Jet PRO DTF Hybrid 1 is the first powderless DTF system available in the UK and EU. This amazing printer produces powderless soft vibrant prints, when you need a little extra durability, flick a switch and your NP system switches to powdered prints to give workwear durability.

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The benefits to a powderless hybrid dtf
get the best of both processes in one system.

Powderless DTF transfers produced through the Resolute RIP software creates thinner prints that have a softer smoother feel. The printed film is complete upon exit from the printer with no powder application process required. These prints are so soft and thin they are hardly detectable on polyester. With the hybrid version, at the flick of a switch you are producing the same quality prints with the added durability powder brings. If you do not have room for a full reel to reel powder finishing unit you can use our 60cm curing oven which requires only a standard 13 amp socket and sits on a standard bench or worktop. The oven cures powderless and powdered prints offering a very compact space saving system.

Powderless Mode - Unmatched Quality

When used in Powderless more the R-Jet PRO DTF Hybrid 1 uses a specially developed clear liquid adhesive, this produces sharper edges on fine detail and small text. Solid areas of ink not only look flatter they feel softer. The water based inks and liquid adhesive have OEKO - TEX certification.

Powder Mode - Speed + Extra Durability

When used in Powder mode the R-Jet PRO DTF Hybrid 1 uses a specially modified powder curing unit to apply and cure the prints ready for use. Using the powder method offers greater durability and the option to use hot peel film for faster production. 


The R-Jet PRO DTF Hybrid 1 produces both
Powderless & traditional Powder transfers

With the R-Jet PRO DTF Hybrid 1 you get the best of both worlds in one compact system, using half the space of two DTF systems and at almost half the price of two separate DTF systems Hybrid 1 offers more than any other automated print and cure DTF systems available. 


Half the Space - Twice the production