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Coming soon, this is a beta version and not currently available for customisation.


The Resolute Trade Print Service offers many different types of DTF templates for creating gang sheets. Please watch the tutorial video before using this on-line design app.

This template is 56cm wide x 1 metre length, other sizes are available as we populate this new feature. In this template you can choose between Hot Peel, Cold Peel & DTF UV self adhesive ink for promotional items.


If you prefer to create your gang sheets in a different package and upload them ready to print, please make sure the file canvas is  56cm wide by 100cm high, this must have a transparent background. Make sure you leave enough space in between the logos for cutting.


Click customise this product, upload your artwork, re size to fit the canvas and click preview. If you are happy with the preview click submit.


If you need to order longer gang sheets we have 2, 3, & 4 metre options, look for the other products.

Leavers Hoodie Template (beta)

PriceFrom £14.00
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