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UV Ink Varnish

R-Jet PRO UV DTF ink Varnish

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Protect Your DTF UV Prints with R-Jet PRO DTF UV Varnish

  • The R-Jet PRO DTF UV Varnish offers an extra layer of protection for your UV DTF prints.

    Key Features:

    • Clear, Protective Coating: Guards against scratches and fading.
    • Flexible Finish: Maintains the suppleness of your transfers.
    • Optimal Performance: Designed to work best with Resolute Premium DTF UV media for smooth application.
    • UV Curable: Works seamlessly with the R-Jet PRO DTF UVi printer.
  • Instructions:

    • Refer to your R-Jet PRO DTF UVi printer manual for specific DTF printing instructions with varnish.

    Safety Information:

    • Always read and follow the safety instructions on the varnish label before use.
    • Keep this product out of reach of children and pets.
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