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High quality KODAK DTF film, arguably one of the most experienced film making companies in the world returns to the new DTF sector with a range of high quality products. 


This warm peel film has excellent colour vibrancy and release properties, coated both sides to improve grip through automated curing systems. Available in A3 and A3+ sheets, these are packs of 100 sheets.


Can be used with most DTF inks and adhesives but performs best with the Resolute Premium K series KODAK inks and Resolute Premium KODAK powder.

Resolute Premium Kodak DTF Film sheets

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  • Press at 160c for 15 seconds then warm peel for cotton

    Press at 140c for 15 seconds then warm peel for polyester

    Final press for 5 seconds with silicone paper (optional) gives a softer feel.

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