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R-Jet PRO DTF Series™️

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The world of garment decoration just got a whole lot simpler and more efficient. The R-Jet PRO DTF V4i™ is your gateway to professional DTF printing, offering unmatched versatility and production speed in a user-friendly package. This innovative machine streamlines multiple printing processes into one, making it ideal for businesses and creators of all levels looking to elevate their garment decoration game.

Here's what sets the V4i apart:

  • Unmatched Versatility: The V4i goes beyond just DTF transfers. It also tackles large format labels and posters, essentially giving you two printers in one. This translates to significant cost savings and increased production flexibility.


  • Blazing Speed & Quality: With a high-speed production mode reaching 14 linear meters per hour, the V4i prioritises efficiency without compromising quality. It utilises dual Epson i3200 print heads to deliver vibrant colours, sharp details, and exceptional results on every print.

  • No Weeding, No Pre-Treatment: One of the biggest advantages of DTF printing is the elimination of weeding and pre-treatment steps. The V4i embraces this advantage, allowing you to create stunning designs directly onto a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and workwear, with ease.


  • Eco-Friendly Inks: The V4i is powered by DuPont Artisitri DTF Inks, which are OEKO-TEX, GOTS & HAPS certified and formulated for excellent wash durability and a soft feel on garments. This ensures both quality and environmental consciousness. 

  • Complete Solution: From user-friendly operation to automatic functions, the V4i is designed for ease of use. It comes with comprehensive training and a full warranty, providing you with everything you need to start printing right away.

V4i Front

Maintaining Peak Performance and

Optimising Your Workflow:

Investing in the R-Jet PRO DTF V4i™ is just the first step to unlocking its full potential. Ensure a long-lasting performance and flawless results by optimising your workflow; Regular cleaning with our recommended cleaning solutions is vital. These solutions are specifically formulated to maintain your V4i's printheads and optimize ink flow. This translates to consistent, high-quality prints, project after project.We offer a comprehensive library of helpful guides and tutorials designed to empower you as a DTF printing professional. This treasure trove of information covers everything from routine maintenance procedures to troubleshooting tips and tricks. Whether you're a seasoned printer or just starting, you'll find valuable resources to keep your V4i running smoothly and efficiently.By incorporating these practices, you'll maximise the lifespan of your V4i and ensure your DTF printing operation remains a well-oiled machine, consistently delivering stunning results.

intelligent white ink control system
Print Heads
2 x Epson i3200
Power Consumption
up to 4.5kw
CYMK + White
Ink Type
Refillable Ink Tanks
Print Width
Max 60cm (23.6 Inches)
Print Speed
10-12m per hr
DTF Production Printer
Media Type
PET DTF Film, and Large Format Media
720 x 1800 dpi

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