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R-Jet PRO DTF Printer V4
probably the best dtf printer UK

The new Resolute R-Jet PRO DTF V4 combines the DTG,
Print & Cut, Screen Printing & White Toner processes into one simple cost effective product dtf printer.


no weeding 


no pre-treatment


no joke

Direct to film is an amazing breakthrough in garment decoration technology. Seeing is believing how soft and durable the prints are, the DTF process is set to change the way many companies large or small, produce decorated garments. Resolute DTG are experts in the inkjet industry and lead the way in this exciting new textile printing process in the UK. From high volume mass production fully automated systems to our 42cm small foot print version Resolute remain the choice of the UK's garment decoration professionals.


The new R-Jet PRO DTF V4 is a stand alone wide format DTF printer built with production speeds in a compact reduced footprint. Designed to create water based heat seal film transfers this amazing system combines DTG, Print & Cut, Screen Printing & White Toner into one simple product. The transfers produce soft vibrant images with no requirement for pre-treatment or weeding no matter what colour the fabric is. The printer benefits from dual print head technology, producing a full colour transfer including white ink in a single pass faster than the many processes it can replace.


powered by
Resolute RIP

Driven by our own Resolute RIP PRO software the R-Jet PRO DTF V4 dtf printer becomes a true production work horse. With automatic image nesting, variable data, barcode job creation and job costing your workflow could not be in better hands. The new version shipped with the R-Jet PRO DTF V4 has production mode, this new high speed print mode can produce up to 18 metres an hour, 25% faster than the previous model and 12 metres an hour in quality mode. 

Resolute premium inks

The R-Jet PRO DTF V4 is profiled to run on Resolute Premium DTF Inks. These high quality DTF inks have OEKO-TEX certification. they produce vibrant prints with excellent stretch and durability in the wash. We believe this to be the only UK supplied water based production printing system of its kind. Suitable for high volume workwear, high viz safety clothing, polyester, cotton & performance sports wear, the V4 dtf printer can produce a wide range of garments.


complete print solution
cotton-polyester-workwear- packaging

The R-Jet PRO DTF printer offers a complete end to end print system that can replace and do the work of 4 industry standard print processes. Print & Cut, DTG, White toner & Screen printing. With no weeding and no pre-treatment required and the benefit of being able to print onto polyester and workwear it is fast becoming the preferred way to decorate textiles and promotional products. The prints are soft, they will not crack or wash off, due to the quality of the prints made on the R-Jet PRO DTF it is suitable for workwear and high viz applications.

V4 high res copy.png

Resolute R-Jet PRO DTF V4 - it's not just for t-shirts

To receive a free sample transfer, book a demonstration or discuss pricing on the different DTF options we supply, please submit your details below. Available in the UK only.

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