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Club Resolute launches new Owner's Area with On-line Trade Print app

What's the new Owners Area all about?

Resolute's client list is growing fast. We rely on feedback to improve the experience on our website. After my last blog post requesting feedback, the response was amazing with so many people taking the time to suggest things they would like to see appear or disappear from the website. I would like to thank everyone who left feedback and for the suggestions to help us improve things - let's see what that feedback brings!

The New Club Resolute DTF Owners Area!

Many of you have suggested navigation around the website is difficult and a little disjointed, with some processes like ordering Resolute Trade Print or logging a service request being the two main suggestions. Based on this we have created a new Club Resolute Owner's Area that includes the following features all in one secure area.

  • New Customer On-boarding videos explaining how to get started.

  • A How To section of tutorial videos showing the most commonly asked questions and how to make adjustments yourself.

  • A new quick way to log a service call in the same area.

  • New Pre-installation form that allows you to switch to your mobile device for easy collection of images while the form is being filled in.

  • Trade Print can now be ordered through a new app which allows you to create gang sheets how you want them or upload gang sheets if you have created yourself.

  • We have simplified the Trade Print pricing in the new app, with the cost shown on each template used.

  • Volume discounts on certain products, spend over £100 on Trade Print & receive a 10% discount automatically at the checkout (new app only).

  • Other volume discounts like free shipping over a certain spend will follow soon.

  • An on-line user manual for the R-Jet PRO DTF V series will soon be available in the new Owner's Area.

How to access and use the new Club Resolute Trade Print on-line app for creating gang sheets

This new system is live! Both Trade Print systems are available to use and will remain so until we have sufficient feedback on this new service. Our beta testers have confirmed this new systems is not only quicker, it allows you to create the gang sheets in the way you want them. You can of course simply create a gang sheet in Illustrator or Corel and upload it to the same system as a pdf if you prefer.

One benefit to the new app is that your details are already stored within our website, so there is no need to input them every time you want to place an order. This option also offers your current method of payment to be used.

Access to the new Club Resolute DTF Owner's Area should be automatic. If you try to view this page and are prompted to register, please contact the sales team on 01246 202686 for help with this. There should be no need to re-register but we may have to authorise your account to gain access. This area is still strictly exclusive and by invitation only so please do not ask for access if we do not have your details already on file (unless you are currently in negotiation with us about DTF printers or waiting for an installation).

The new DuPont™ Artistri® Digital Inks for DTF, are due to launch at the end of April. This new high quality DTF ink has raised the bar in colour gamut and printability for the entire DTF industry. The American made ink benefits from years of experience in producing pigment inks, not only do they achieve greater colour depth and printability, the printed images are softer with one of the brightest white DTF inks we have seen to date. The feel is smoother with a non oily surface, larger images do not feel so heavy due to the reduced amount of ink required to achieve a bright white with stunning vibrancy.

If anyone remembers the Fairy Liquid TV adverts, this ink offers similar properties. It costs a little more but due to its high quality tio2 the white ink runs at 60% as opposed to 90% required with most other DTF white inks. It goes a lot further.

Upgrading to these new inks is available on the R-Jet PRO DTF V range and new installations will have a choice before installation.

The upgrade from other DTF inks does require an engineers visit - due to the different pigments used the dampers require changing after the system is flushed. The Resolute RIP profiles are now encrypted, the special ICC profile for the new inks can be installed on version 10 and will be included automatically in version 11 launching soon.

That's it for now folks. I hope you like the new features we have added. Don't forget, we genuinely welcome your comments and suggestions so please let me know if you have anything you wish to discuss or suggest.

Thank you


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