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Do you want to attract more DTF business?

Resolute are offering a FREE Leavers Hoodie 2024 template for use in Adobe illustrator. With this template you can produce the artwork for your customers quickly, simply copy and paste your text into the 24 numbers and change the font size until you have the best fit. You can alter line spacing and letter spacing in the normal way, changing the colour is also performed in the same way. Want to go one step further and automatically produce the nick names under the 24, simply purchase our variable data module for your Resolute RIP. One simple process from a CSV or Excel file and your leavers names will be done for you, in place, at the correct size.

Call our sales team on 01246 202686 for further details.


If you have an R-Jet PRO DTF V8 you can purchase our 630mm wide EVO or HOT PEEL film which allows you to produce two A3 sheets side by side with bleed is you require it. At just a few £'s more you can avoid wasting film when printing images 300mm wide.

Click to download the template

Leavers 24 template
Download AI • 411KB

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