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DTF Trade Printing Service

Never send your customers to a competitor

How does Resolute's DTF Trade Printing Service work

Resolute’s DTF trade printing service is an exclusive owners club designed to offer a helping hand when you most need it. Running a successful business these days can be tricky, whether its juggling staff holidays, covering for illness, general staff shortages, flood damage or just a surge in orders, these circumstances can take their toll on you and your business. In these trying times let us help by taking the strain and producing printed film transfers for you at an exclusive special price.

Who prints your files and how?

The DTF trade printing service is run by trained Resolute team members with many years experience in the textile decorating business, all your printing is done on the same equipment as you own or could own, to ensure the quality and feel is the same. It is produced confidentially to the highest standard and all files submitted for print are automatically deleted once the films have been delivered. This in-house service is also testament to the reliability of the equipment we supply, printing all day everyday means we know very well how our DTF systems hold up in the field. We may choose to fulfil your orders with an official print partner during holiday periods and if we are away at a trade show. A banner will be placed on the ordering page showing the dates.  


Capacity & print processes.

We now offer DTF transfers for textiles and the new DTF UV transfers for hard substrate. You use the same method to order and simply select which process you want as part of creating the order. 

Who can use this service?

The Resolute DTF Trade Printing service is by invitation only,  we also offer a paid service for a limited time if you want to test the quality and performance of our film & inks. We do not produce and sell transfers as a general service. If you are an existing printer owner purchased directly from Resolute or have placed an order with Resolute for a DTF system and are waiting for installation you can gain access to our private ordering portal as soon as you register. This will allow you to order DTF printed transfers while you wait for your installation or are in the process of testing Resolute’s DTF process to see how it can help your business. Once your installation is complete the service remains in place for any circumstances that you may require help with. 

How do you gain access to this service?

If you have already purchased or have a Resolute R-Jet PRO DTF system on order directly from Resolute please call us on the number below for instructions on how to gain access to the full system. Access to our limited period paid testing service can be requested in the form at the bottom of this page. 

What does it cost?

Our charging system is simple, but also confidential! Once you have access to our system the charges are explained on the ordering page, which is only accessible once we approve your application. All orders are shipped with Fedex or UPS on a next working day basis, you can track and manage your delivery with the tracking number which will be supplied to the registered email address for your account. 


How long does an order take?

All our DTF trade print orders are processed in the order we receive them. For convenience you can place an order 24 hours a day seven days a week, we print Monday to Friday except on bank holidays and during our Summer and Christmas holiday period. These dates are displayed in advance on the Trade Print Portal. On average most orders placed early in the day are printed and shipped the same day, this means an order placed on a Tuesday am would normally be with you by Wednesday or Thursday. The Trade Print team regularly print and ship up to 400 metres a day, this is a mixture of textile & UV transfers.

What files do we accept?

The best file format to use is a press ready PDF saved from Adobe illustrator or Corel, PNG's can be used, do not include high compression when saving these or they can change output size. You should make sure your files are print ready with a transparent background and the correct size to print. 


Membership to our exclusive trade print service is designed to help our loyal customers further benefit from Resolute’s experience in the textile printing industry. Membership is included in our DTF 12 month warranty and extended warranty Gold service agreements for equipment purchased directly from Resolute. 

Call 01246 202686 to find out how Resolute can help your business or fill out this simple form to test our Trade Print services

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