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The latest in hard product printing

When it comes to DTF printing, why should textiles have all the fun? The R-Jet PRO DTF UVi is a space-saving, mighty machine engineered specifically for hard product transfers.

Whether you’re selling bottles, jars, mugs, or anything in between, the R-Jet Pro DTF UVi is your compact companion helping you achieve hard product dominance.

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Key transfer system advantages

The R-Jet PRO DTF UVi transfer system introduces a new era of convenience and versatility. Its transfers boast dishwasher-safe durability**, thanks to specially formulated flexible UV inks. Applying these transfers is a swift process, facilitated by a fast-acting pressure-sensitive adhesive.


Even on uneven surfaces, the system excels, thanks to a flexible application laminate. What's more, Resolute offers competitively priced Premium DTV UV inks at £95 per kilo, with 100m rolls of 35cm Part A & B available at £195 per set.


The system, conveniently mounted on its wheeled stand, maintains a small footprint of 1m x 80cm. Its media width of 35cm (printing 34cm) allows the production of SRA3 transfer sheets, enhancing its adaptability for diverse printing needs.

Space and time

It’s not rocket science - but it’s pretty close. We’ve meticulously designed this machine to make the most of every inch; measuring a mere 1m x 80cm, and able to effortlessly glide through an 800mm door, the UVi is perfect for businesses looking to save on space. This, however, comes with zero compromise on efficiency…


With an average print speed of 3.4 linear metres per hour, this printer prioritises your productivity as much as your real estate. The UVi is a small, swift and precise solution that meets the demands of a fast-paced industry.


Quantum quality

Compact as it is, the R-Jet PRO DTF UVi  is here to expand your printing potential with the sheer quality of its transfers.


Twin Epson i1600 print heads waste no time in crafting vibrant, precise and durable DTF UV transfers. The quad LED UV air-cooled curing lamps ensure powerful and efficient curing, delivering impeccable results on Resolute’s DTF UV media, while the built-in automated laminator streamlines your workflow, providing sealed UV ink transfers for a flawless finish.


Efficient low-level ink management, automated white ink tank stirring, and inclusion of the Resolute RIP 11.3 software bring advanced features to your fingertips. The auto take-up roll and auto cutting module further enhance your capabilities, making longer print runs and versatile applications seamless.

Automatic success

Printing technology has come a long way in recent years, and the R-Jet PRO DTF UVi embodies this fact beautifully. With the following features, the bulk of the work is automated and optimised for your convenience:

  • Built in object impact detection

  • Built in automated laminator

  • Built in automated white ink tank stirring

  • Built in temperature and humidity gauge

  • Auto take up roll for longer print runs

  • Cutting module available for kiss cutting transfers*

  • Includes free disposal of waste tank liquids*


* Subject to terms & conditions or additional cost


The icing on the cake?

All this power and precision only requires 2 standard 13amp sockets! Also, mainland UK delivery, installation AND training is included, as is remote login software support.


This printer comes with the full Resolute 12 month on-site warranty, which is extendable after the initial 12 month period*.


So if you’re looking to print the finest hard and semi rigid product DTF transfers while saving precious space, look no further than the R-Jet PRO DTF UVi. If you have any questions, or are ready to harness the compressed power of this machine, contact us today!


Frequently Asked Questions

**Are products decorated using the R-Jet PRO DTF UVi combined with Resolute consumables dishwasher safe?


In a nutshell yes, but there are some things you need to take note of.


  1. The substrate (product being decorated) must be suitable.

  2. You must perform your own tests on each product before stating it is dishwasher safe.

  3. Batch to batch, the adhesive can change so testing is advised.

  4. Extra cleaning products over the normal wash cycle can make the product fail.

  5. Only wash on normal eco mode, not extra power wash or high heat.

  6. Do not apply to areas that will come into contact with liquid or food (the inside of a glass or mug, or the surface of a plate to be used for food).

  7. Wipe the surface to be decorated with a pure IPA wipe to remove grease, then buff dry with a lint free cloth before applying.

  8. The substrate must be at room temperature before application or not below 20c.

  9. The applied product must sit for 72 hours before washing between 20c & 30c.

  10. We have done tests up to 25 washes using two products from Ikea which have not changed during the tests.

  11. Images show the product after 25 normal wash cycles.

  12. You must be using the correct UV media, we also sell non dishwasher safe media which is easier to apply.

To receive a free sample, book a demonstration or discuss pricing on the different DTF options we supply, please submit your details below or call 01246 202686. Available in the UK only.

Thanks for enquiring, we will be in touch soon.​ Please check your spam folder as we will email a reply and requested info.

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