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R-Jet PRO DTF FB Series™️


The R-Jet PRO FB1™️ is a single tool flatbed cutter designed specifically to streamline your workflow for DTF (Direct to Film) printing. This innovative machine boasts a maximum cutting area of 60cm x 90cm, making it suitable for a wide range of project sizes. The FB1 integrates seamlessly with Resolute RIP software, allowing for effortless cutting file creation and direct transfer to the machine.

Here's what sets the FB1 apart:

  • Precision Made for DTF: The FB1 features a built-in vacuum belt that keeps the work surface clean and free of dust, ensuring accurate and consistent cuts on your DTF films.


  • Simplified Workflow: Forget complex setups. The FB1 integrates seamlessly with Resolute RIP software. With the included cutting module, you can create both straight weed border cuts and intricate contour cuts with ease. Simply generate the cutting file within the software and send it directly to the FB1 via USB cable or USB pen drive.

  • Automated Efficiency: The FB1 priorities efficiency. Pneumatic clamps firmly hold the film and belt in place during cutting, minimising material movement and ensuring clean cuts. For added convenience, the FB1 features a QR code scanner. This allows you to search through a library of cutting files and automatically select the correct one for your project, saving valuable time.

  • Quality on Demand: The FB1 incorporates innovative features to reduce wasted materials. Its unique tab cut function leaves transfers held in place by small tabs, allowing for easy transport to the heat press area without individual transfers falling loose. Additionally, the continuous cutting function extends up to 70cm segments, significantly reducing film waste compared to traditional methods. 

Corner Shot of the FB1

Maintaining Peak Performance and

Optimising Your Workflow:


Maintaining your FB1 is essential for optimal performance and longevity. The manufacturer recommends consistent cleaning with appropriate solutions to ensure the cutting mechanism remains in top condition. Using high-quality DTF films is also crucial for achieving exceptional cutting results. Resolute provides a wealth of resources to empower you, including comprehensive user guides and troubleshooting tips. By following these practices, you can ensure your FB1 continues to operate smoothly and efficiently, maximising your productivity and achieving professional-grade results with every project.

Software Compatibility
Resolute RIP (Cutting Module)
Cutting Styles
Straight Weed Border Cuts, Contour Cuts
File Transfer
USB Cable or USB Pen Drive
Continuous Cutting Length
70cm segments (Max)
Material Clamping
Pneumatic Clamps
Vacuum Belt
Cutting Area
60cm x 90cm Max
DTF Flat Bed Cutter

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