Resolute R-Jet PRO DTF UV2

The Resolute R-Jet PRO DTF UV2 
Fully automated DTF UV transfer system


The new R-Jet PRO DTF UV2


Faster production

For many years UV printing has been a popular method of decorating items ranging from pencils to large sign boards, machines vary in size and cost depending on the products you want to print. One of the biggest challenges for UV printing is feeding the product through the printer, this can require complex jigs which can be expensive and complicated to use. Printing a drinks glass or water bottle also requires a special rotating device at additional cost and taking considerably longer to print than a standard flat item.

The Resolute R-Jet PRO DTF UV2 is a little different, it produces a transfer that is ready to be applied directly to the product without the need to feed it through the printer. The R-Jet PRO DTF UV2 can of course print directly onto items that will feed through the printer, sign boards and other promotional items are held in place on a moving vacuum belt.

It might look like a regular large format device . . .

It’s clever space saving design makes it a bit of a sheep in wolf's clothing, it looks like a normal large format UV printer, when it is in fact a fully automated UV transfer system with built in laminator, meaning it takes up a fraction of the floor space required for a flat bed printer with offline laminator. When producing transfers it prints onto a roll of DTF film that is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive, the prints are then sealed with a peel-able laminate automatically before exiting the printer. The film spreads can be kiss cut on a standard vinyl cutter, this speeds things up if small labels are being produced by making them easier to peel from the backing sheet. Once the film exits the printer it is ready to use immediately or they can be stored for use later. The DTF UV transfer process applies only the ink with the pressure sensitive adhesive to the product, regardless of shape or size. This makes printing difficult shapes including some conical products very simple, there is no weeding or app tape to worry about.

Printing in production print mode fully automated

Powered by Resolute RIP, any offline cutting required is driven by the same RIP file meaning the workflow is streamlined from clicking print to final cutting. Both roll fed and flat bed cutters can be driven by the Resolute RIP massively reducing the labour and skill involved. If using a flat bed cutter the R-Jet PRO DTF UV can be utilised to create custom printed packaging, this lucrative market has the benefit of variable data.


Cutting edge technology is used in the R-Jet PRO DTF UV, triple 8 channel industrial print heads are used with fibre optic data transmission from the main control board improving printing speeds whilst optimising print quality. The UV lamps are liquid cooled maintaining the optimum temperature for high speed curing without cracking or excessive heat transferred to the substrate. The UV film and other substrates are transported through the printer on a variable height continuous vacuum belt with position controlled by the Resolute RIP. With features like variable data, offline cutting and camera position alignment included as standard, Resolute RIP is a very capable workflow system for such a high production UV printer

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