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Speciality Metallic DTF films

Create amazing shimmering designs in different shades with our Metallic DTF films.

These new metallic DTF films have a true mirrored effect like tradiitonal metallic vinyl.

Seeing is believeing these amazing films specially formulated for the DTF process.

The rolls available are 60cm width x 25m on a 75mm standard core. Width & core can vary between rolls and all measurements are approximate.


Please read the printing & application instructions before using these speciality DTF films. 

Speciality Metallic DTF films

PriceFrom £1.00
Excluding VAT
    • For the best results print white only and at approximately 30% to 40% when using DuPont high speed inks. Other inks may require more white.
    • Press for 15 seconds at 155c
    • Leave to rest for 20 minutes before cold peeling off.
    • Second press if prefered but this is not compulsory.

    Please note: This product can be machine washed at 30c, hand wash for the best results and longevity. Do not tumble dry, iron inside out and not directly over the print. Fading will occur over time and will vary depending on the garment it is pressed onto. Always make your own tests before stating the washing details.

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