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Our Matte Poster Paper V Series is the perfect choice for your personalised poster printing. This high-quality paper delivers sharp images and vibrant colours, and is compatible with the R-Jet PRO DTF V4 & V8 printers.

For the best and most accurate results, the DuPont Artistri CMYK colours should be used. You will achieve great results with the Resolute Premium and Kodak inks, although DuPont Artistri does have the deepest most vivid colours. A special ICC profile from Resolute is required to use this product - free when you order the paper. The ICC profile is for use in Resolute RIP only. A video showing how to install the ICC will be sent by a Resolute techncian or if you have a warranty or service agreement we will install this for you.

Matte Poster Paper - V Series

    • Roll is 30m x 610mm
    • 2" core size
    • Use paper printing mode in Resolute RIP
    • Requires not extra drying
    • 120gsm
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