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Service Plans for the R-Jet PRO DTF V1, V2, V3, V4 & NP 60cm printer.

High production printers require regular maintenance to keep them in tip top shape, Resolute's extended service plans protect you from unexpected costs should anything go wrong with your printer. They also ensure your printer is back up and running in the minimum amount of time possible, choose the Gold plan and it includes priority call out, our print head recovery service, your curing unit and the annual service.  

Spread the cost by monthly Direct Debit, please contact the office on 01246 202686 to set this up.


Listed below are the items covered within this agreement.

  • Labour related to work carried out on the printer
  • Mainland UK travel and associated costs
  • All non consumable parts 
  • Remote login support
  • Telephone support
  • Software updates
  • Exclusive Trade Print Service (Gold plan).
  • Priority call out (Gold plan).
  • Annual service (Gold plan).
  • Curing unit (Gold Plan).
  • Print head recovery service* (Gold plan).


Accidental damage caused by miss use, head strikes and consumable parts are not covered within this extended service plan. 


Please Note: The parts required for the annual service are £299 plus travel, this is included in the Gold plan as is the travel. 


Consumable parts excluded from both plans.

Dampers, filters, belts, curing lamps.

R-Jet PRO DTF Extended Service Plans

PriceFrom £1,950.00
  • Please pay special attention to the terms & conditions of this extended service plan.

    DTF Inks, film & powder are developed to work together, in order to maintain the best performance and avoid any reaction to parts from non tested components or adverse durability it is essential you use consumables purchased directly from Resolute DTG Ltd.

    You must purchase all general consumables, inks, film, powder, cleaning and maintenance items and any consumable parts required directly from Resolute DTG Ltd as part of this extended service plan. Failing to do so breaches this agreement and renders it null and void without refund. All service plans are paid for one month in advance, they must be in place one month before your current warranty expires to benefit from continued cover. Failing to make a payment for any reason voids the cover and all parts, labour and travel associated will be invoiced for immediate payment. Resolute DTG Ltd reserve the right to cancel this agreement with 7 days notice in writing.

    *The Print Head recovery service has a 50% success rate, we will need to return your print head to Resolute in order to perform the recovery process. This takes on average about a week, once recovered or not it will be returned to you for future use. Please note you must not fit print heads yourself while the printer is covered by an extended service agreement. This can be done by one of our technicians and is included as part of the service.

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