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Resolute Premium UV DTF Part A adhesive & Part B laminate 100m x 30cm Media Rolls.

High-Tac water resitant adhesive and a super flexible clear carrier laminate application media make this DTF UV media one of the most durable to use. The high-tac water resistant adhesive reacts quickly once rubbed delivering permanent results on most products. At 30cm width this media allows for a full A3 sheet of transfers to be printed. The adhesive is 5mm less each side than the carier sheet allowing for 29cm print width.


Please note: This product is dishwasher safe on suitable products, you must make your own tests before stating this transfers or decorated products dishwasher safe.


Please watch the application video for correct product application.



R-Jet PRO DTF UV Xtra Media 30cm

  • Are products decorated using the R-Jet PRO DTF UVi combined with Resolute consumables dishwasher safe?

    In a nutshell yes, but there are some things you need to take note of.

    • The substrate (product being decorated) must be suitable.
    • You must perform your own tests on each product before stating it is dishwasher safe.
    • Extra cleaning products over the normal wash cycle can make the product fail.
    • Only wash on normal, not extra power wash or high heat.
    • Do not apply to areas that will come into contact with liquid or food (the inside of a glass or mug, or the surface of a plate to be used for food).
    • Wipe the surface to be decorated with an IPA wipe to remove grease, then buff dry with a lint free cloth before applying.
    • The substrate must be at room temperature before application or not below 18c.
    • We have done tests up to 25 washes using two products from Ikea which have not changed during the tests.

    You must make your own wash tests on the products, as all dishwashers are different there are no gurantees this product is 100% dishwasher safe. Should a decorated product fail, Resolute accept no liability for the print, the product or any loses incurred. 

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