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Resolute Premium EVO universal DTF film.

100m x 600mm and 100m x 420mm continuous roll of universal transfer film specially formualted for the Resolute Premium DTF inks and the new DuPont Artistri P1600 inks. This film is the correct micron thickness for automated curing machines.


The new Resolute Premium EVO DTF Film produces rich vibrant colours and has excellent release properties. You can peel either hot or cold meaning superfine detail is easier on cotton and polyester when cold peeled.


Normal pressing times are, Cotton - 155c for 15 seconds - Polyester 135c for 12 seconds, both may benefit from a 2nd 5 second press with silicone paper.

Times and temperarures may vary between product and heat press.  


Please note: Different film products will produce different colour strengths.

Resolute Premium EVO Universal DTF Film

PriceFrom £155.00
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