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Resolute Premium 3 Second Hot Peel Film

Resolute Premium 3 Second Hot Peel DTF Film

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Resolute Premium DTF HOT PEEL DTF Film - 3 Second Press Times

3 sec hot peel DTF film for DuPont P1600 & Resolute inks. Various widths available. May not work with hand powdering.

  • The Resolute Premium 3 Second Hot Peel DTF Film is a continuous roll transfer film specifically designed for Direct To Film (DTF) printing. This film offers ultra-fast instant peeling and press times of just 3 seconds (potentially longer when hand powdering) for increased production efficiency. Available in widths of 100m x 630mm, 100m x 600mm, 100m x 420mm and 100m x 330mm, it's ideal for use with automated curing machines.

    Here's what makes this film special:

    • Ultra-fast 3 second peel times: Significantly reduce production time compared to traditional hot peel films.
    • Formulated for DuPont P1600 & Resolute Inks: Ensures optimal performance and compatibility.
    • Micron thickness optimised for automation: Works seamlessly with automated curing machines.

    Please note: Due to the hot peel properties, the finish and colour of prints may differ slightly from those produced with other Resolute films.