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Resolute Premium DTF Low Melt Adhesive Powder

Specially formulated to be low temperature, low odour and fully compatable with the Resolute Premium DTF Film, Kodak and DuPont DTF Inks.


This adhesive can be used for manual application and curing or used in one of our fully automated transfer finishing systems. 


Finished Transfers should be heat pressed at approx 115c for 15 seconds then peel according to the film being used. You must perform you own tests as this powder is designed for polyester to avoid dye migration and may not perform as well on cotton or other fabrics. This powder does not guarantee to eliminate dye migration on all fabrics.


A spool is recomended rather than a cradle in the finishing unit as this powder is very fine and can clogg the cradle springs quite quickly. Easily cleaned out but avoidable by using a spool.

Resolute Premium Low Melt DTF Adhesive Powder

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  • Press for 15 seconds, medium pressure at 165c, cold peel.

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