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DTF Printer - why Resolute are unique

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Are Resolute a unique supplier in the world of DTF in the UK?

Imagine buying a DTF printer system that includes a warranty with a backup service designed to protect your business, increase its production capacity in busy times with no extra equipment investment, and if things go wrong it picks up your production in the background and you still make a healthy margin!!! Does such a warranty exist?? If you're in Club Resolute it does!

Club Resolute - automatic enrolment is part of the warranty when you purchase a DTF printer directly from Resolute. It includes Resolutes Trade Print Services for textile DTF & UV DTF transfers.

Why was Resolute Trade Print Services created?

When I started Resolute's Trade Print services I had no idea it would be so popular. Being in the printing business from the age of 16, originally litho and over the years transitioning to Digital, I know just how frustrating it is when you can see a deadline approaching and you have no way of hitting it. Resolute Trade Print, is a non profit making part of Resolute DTG Ltd that is designed to combat this problem. Its membership is private, and is only accessible when you become an equipment owner or are in the process of purchasing a printer directly from Resolute.

The Trade Print Service has no competition, it does not sell to everyone, it is there when you need it, and it sits quietly in the background when you don't.

Use it when you want to

There are no hard and fast rules when you can use Resolute's Trade Print Services, you don't need to be in a disaster situation or feel you need a reason! Over the last three years the Trade Print Service has grown and it has seen many different types of print jobs, so much so we just had to do some research to find out why our equipment owners really do use the Trade Print Service.

Here are some comments our research uncovered.

  • I am to busy and do not want to turn this job away, I still make money when using the Trade Print Service whilst maintaining customer retention.

  • The Trade Print Service is always good quality and extremely good value for money.

  • My business is seasonal and I do not want an extra printer sat idle for 9 months of the year, Trade Print allows me to send overcapacity work and get it back quickly.

  • The UV DTF service allows me to bring promotional items in house while I organise the finances for my own UV printer. I suppose I am using the Trade Print Service to build my business, cheeky I know but Resolute don't seem to mind.

  • When I was off work for 7 weeks, the Trade Print Service saved my business, I do not know what I would have done without them. I placed my orders on-line and arranged for them to be drop shipped without leaving my house.

  • My printer went down after an unfortunate accident, I was concerned about a lot of work building up so I asked Resolute for help. The guys asked me to upload my work through their Trade Print portal so they could help out. I didn't realise if your printer is down, even if you break it!! they reduce the charge to consumable's only which I would have been buying anyway. The next day the engineer arrived to fix the printer with 80 metres of printed film, this was amazing, my work done for me quicker than I could have done it myself.

  • I am new to digital printing, I am not RGB or CMYK colour savvy so I just send them all the horrible jobs :-) works a treat!

  • My business cannot afford a DTF UV, having access to the Trade Print Service for UV is the only reason you need to be in Club Resolute!

These comments are varied and pleasing, its a proud feeling knowing we have helped our customers in difficult times or just because they feel like sending some print work out so they can get on with other elements of their business. I know other DTF companies will probably follow my Trade Print Service business model, but I am pretty sure with 40 years experience in the printing industry your eggs are safer in a Resolute basket than in someone else's.

If you would like to test the service click the button to find out how.

What are we working on right now?

Cutting transfers out can be quite therapeutic, until you have hundreds, maybe thousands to do and then it becomes a labour intensive task. Automatic cutting is standard on our UV DTF transfers, if we can automatically cut your job we will, and there is no extra charge for this.

R-Jet PRO DTF FB a cutter designed for dtf transfers

Cutting textile DTF transfers is a different ball game, there is no backing sheet so you cannot use a roll fed cutter. Traditionally flat bed cutters are quite expensive, this makes the process financially restricting unless you are running multiple DTF printers and have a full time person cutting out. We have been working on an affordable flat bed solution for sometime, I think we have finally found one which will be launching soon. Pictured on the right is our flat bed cutter which has semi automation. It feeds from the DTF finisher spool once loaded onto the back of the cutter, or you can place individual film spreads on the vacuum bed by hand. The Resolute RIP can automatically produce a cut file for standard weed borders or a contour cut if you have used some creative shape nesting to save on film. Once the film spread is cut the machine uses a pneumatic clamping system to hold the film onto the vacuum belt and moves it along. The cut transfers fall into a hopper and the next job on the roll is loaded into position. We are not setting a hard and fast price here, but it is my dream to have a flat bed cutter available for less than £15,000. This will include the RIP upgrade to allow the cut file to be generated automatically or manually. The is cutter will also be able to cut thin substrates like garment or vehicle vinyl and UV transfers. The footprint is not huge either, it comes on wheels as standard so it is easy to move around and runs from a standard single phase 220v feed. Below is a small video of it while the guys from EFI are working on the automated features being added to the Resolute RIP.

How can we improve Resolute Trade Print?

In my opinion there is always room for improvement, I welcome constructive criticism just as much as I welcome praise and good feedback. At the bottom of this blog I am putting a link to a small form, the comments you leave can be anonymous, unless you feel like we should call you, in which case please leave your number or email and we will do just that. Your opinion on the backup Resolute provides is important to us and goes beyond the Trade Print service, over the years we have made changes based on feedback and will continue to do so for many more. So please spare a couple of minutes to give us your opinion or suggestions on how we could be more useful as a supplier to your business.

Finally, the next time you are sinking in work, let Resolute Trade Print Services take the strain for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, keep an eye on your inbox or our Facebook page to see when the R-Jet PRO DTF FB cutter is officially launched.




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