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Some Exciting things are about to happen at Resolute.

Subscriptions are changing

We all love a bargain, and Resolute’s subscriptions offer exactly that, top quality DTF consumables at great prices. But the consumables team at Resolute have gone one better, we have sourced more quality products that are cross compatible at even better prices.

Being the largest UK supplier of DTF systems and consumables has its advantages, our buying power has lead to some amazing long term deals on high quality consumables that are just around the corner. You may have noticed some KODAK products appearing on our website already, hot peel film is also in stock for the 42cm MIDI and the 60cm PRO.

How are we going to do this?

In order to obtain these new products you will need to cancel all your subscriptions and re subscribe to the new ones. This will happen in the not to distant future and we will let you know beforehand by means of an email to the address registered on the website. Please keep an eye out for this message as you could be paying more than you need to once we release the new subscriptions. Once cancelled you will then be able to select a new subscription that suits your requirements. These will offer a different pricing structure and allow us to include the new products as they come into permanent stock.

Whats the deal with KODAK?

Not many of you will know, before Brexit, Resolute secured an agreement with KODAK to manufacture its new DTG inks & pre-treatments for the UK & EU market. This was a highly successful relationship that is still on-going. But the industry changed direction 18 months ago and the buzz word is now DTF. It’s fair to say direct to film printing has changed the way the industry produces printed garments and promotional items. The new KODAK DTF inks have great run-ability and contain high quality pigments that deliver a higher colour gamut.

But a higher gamut ink set means these inks require a different ICC profile, which we have of course already prepared. This ICC profile will be available to anyone who purchased DTF equipment directly from Resolute. If you wish to change over to KODAK DTF inks please call us to discuss the procedure. The benefits are plenty and with OEKO-TEX certification you can print with the confidence these products are developed with our planets future in mind. Also available are CMYK in 250ml bottles, as you already know the CMYK DTF inks go a long way, so a 250ml CMYK top up set will free up cash and allow you to have less stock on the shelf. Decanted in our new custom built state of the art lab allows us to fill and supply in different volumes and have greater control of stock levels.

R-Jet PRO DTF MIDI Auto Finisher coming soon.

The new 42cm MIDI system launched in Q2 2022 is a 42cm clone of the R-Jet PRO DTF 60cm printer. Currently supplied with a curing oven, it is soon to be getting an automated finishing unit also based around its big brother. With a vacuum belt transport system it links to the MIDI printer to run at the same speed you are printing at. This automated finishing unit increases production and offers greater continuity of adhesive application. Don’t worry if you already have an R-Jet PRO DTF MIDI, you can still purchase the automated finishing unit and start to use it when required. This unit will also cure sheets if you are running just a few images at a time.

Thats all for now, we will be in touch soon.

Resolute Team.

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