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Avoiding Film Feed Issues

Over the last few months some of our customers have been experiencing some film feed issues that can cause the carriage to smudge a print or worse damage the print head.

This is mainly caused by a build up of static electricity caused by powder particles collecting on the film in feed table and the front of the printer. Cleaning with an anti static cleaner should stop this from happening.

The video below shows a method that can help if this happens, it is only to be used if the room temperature is above 18c as the film will no longer be heated by the in feed table.

Lower the film in feed table so the film hangs and does not come into contact with the surface. The film may vary in distance but as long as you have sufficient powder in the v shape of the film in the bottom of the powder chamber it should pull through ok. You can pause the printer and lower the film in feed table after webbing up if you find this easier, do not lower the table while the printer is running.

Please note: a substantial amount of powder needs to be kept in the chamber to help pull the film through and take up any slack. Re-aligning can be done at the film exit point as normal. This is not a guaranteed method but in testing seems to have been very successful. The printer must be watched constantly when using this method.

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