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Its HOT & you need to PRINT 🥵

Tips on how to beat the heat when DTF printing

Printing with any water based inks in temperatures above 22c requires the humidity to be within certain parameters. If the humidity is to low, the environment absorbs the water from the ink changing its surface tension and making it difficult for the print head to jet correctly. This results in more regular print head cleaning to avoid partially restricted nozzles or worse blocked nozzles. If your print head gets to hot, it simply cannot print correctly.

Air Conditioning - Yes or No?

Built in air conditioning with an external compressor/condenser controls humidity better than a stand alone condensing unit. Keeping the air temperature down is good practise but you may need a humidifier to keep your humidity up. The best humidifiers are the ones that create a visible vapour, keep them under or close to the capping station area but make sure they are not blowing directly into the printer. If you have a concrete floor, mopping it with cold water can boost the humidity in a matter of minutes.

Film Pre-Heat plates

Turning your film pre and post heat plates down will help to keep the temperature down inside your printer. In hot weather the pre heat is not so important and knocking 5c off these will help to avoid overheating inside your carriage chamber. If you printer has a heated vacuum bed make sure it is turned down to 20c maximum.

Take Temporary Measures

Whilst its great to have good weather, this time of year the temperatures are unusually high and will for sure catch some people out. Try to print early in the morning, I very often used to start printing at 4:00am when I was a litho printer many years ago, our exclusive Trade Print Service will do the same over the next few weeks and any other days where we know issues will be caused. Start early, finish early and enjoy the late afternoon sunshine 🌞 If your conditions are to far out from the norm you will be wasting your time and consumables trying produce quality printed films.

Which DTF ink performs best in harsh conditions.

The recent weather in the UK has allowed us to complete accurate stress testing on the new DuPont™ Artistri® P1600 digital inks for DTF. Raising the temperature in our production showroom to 30c and printing a full 8 hour shift on the R-Jet PRO DTF V4 & V8 models onto our new Resolute Premium EVO film I can confirm this ink performed particularly well.

Resolute Premium EVO film and why it works?

Resolutes Premium EVO film has a revolutionary new coating, invisible to the human eye, the unique coating has been developed to fend off excessive moisture and react with an ingredient within the ink the instant it makes contact with the film. Whilst Resolute Premium EVO film works well with many inks, coupling it the new DuPont™ Artistri® P1600 digital inks for DTF creates a unique combination that performs better than expected. The Artistri® P1600 contains no Ethylene Glycol, this is a new formulation that not only has OEKO-TEX certification it also has HAPS, short for HAZARDOUS AIR POLLUTANT FREE. At the time of writing this blog this is the only DTF ink to have both these certifications.

Certified for use with Artistri® P1600.

In a recent visit to Resolute's HQ in Chesterfield, DuPont lab technicians tested the new EVO film and it was approved for use with the new Artistri® P1600. This was a major achievement for Resolute Premium EVO DTF film, as one of the leaders in DTF consumable and equipment technology it is important we provide our customers with the very latest technology allowing them to keep ahead of their competition and offer a superior product. Made in America, containing ingredients that are exclusive to DuPont™, the new Artistri® P1600 is a genuine unique quality product that offers better open time and a unique tack method between ink and film coating. As you would imaging, a product of this caliber has increased manufacturing costs, the up side to this is, the white ink is normally run at no more than 65% meaning it goes further. Price per litre, you get more prints with the new Artistri® P1600 that are softer with deeper vibrant colours.

This new high quality DTF ink has raised the bar in colour gamut and printability for the entire DTF industry. The American made ink benefits from years of experience in producing pigment inks, not only do they achieve greater colour depth and printability, the printed images are softer with one of the brightest white DTF inks we have seen to date.

OEKO-TEX & HAPS (hazardous air pollutant free) certified.

The feel is smoother with a non oily surface, larger images do not feel so heavy due to the reduced amount of ink required to achieve a bright white with stunning vibrancy. These inks do not contain any Ethylene Glycol. they are OEKO-TEX and HAPS certified.

If anyone remembers the Fairy Liquid TV adverts, this ink offers similar properties. It costs a little more but due to its high quality tio2 the white ink runs at 65% as opposed to 90% required with most other DTF white inks. It goes a lot further.

Upgrading to these new inks is available on the R-Jet PRO DTF V range and new installations will have a choice before installation from June 2023.

If you would like to upgrade to the new Artistri® P1600 please contact the office on 01246 202686 for further details.

Thank you


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