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Resolute Trade Print - DTF UV Pilot

Since the launch of the Resolute R-Jet PRO DTF UV2 at the Print Show 2022 we have had a lot of enquires and questions about what it can do and when to use it. This post should explain its purpose and the benefits over standard flat bed or large format UV printing.

Not Just a DTF UV system

The R-Jet PRO DTF UV2 is two years work and research into the market requirements for a DTF UV system. Resolute has sold flat bed UV printers for many years, we know what they are good at and what they lack in function and flexibility.

Image shows the R-Jet PRO DTF UV2 printing onto standard self adhesive vinyl

Firstly, the R-Jet PRO DTF UV2 can be used as a standard large format UV printer, with CMYK, white and clear varnish. It can print onto most roll fed substrates up to 90cm wide - self adhesive vinyl, gloss photo or poster paper, clear film and many more. Instantly the R-Jet PRO DTF UV2 fits right into the commercial printing or sign industry offering high quality UV printing onto standard media. Vinyl labels and stickers can be produced in standard flat UV or with texture offering that extra WOW factor to your products. Spot UV gloss can be used as a total over print or to enhance individual areas of an image producing stunning results.

DTF UV - When to use it

Think of a product you wish you could print onto... For existing flat bed UV printer users this will be easy! As long as the surface can accept the special self curing adhesive the DTF UV ink is backed with, in theory, it will work.

Because you can apply a DTF UV transfer anywhere, you can decorate products impossible to feed and print through a standard flat bed UV printer. Decorative plates are a prime example, the concave structure makes it impossible to print with traditional UV printers. DTF UV can also include texture and variable data that older technology like screen and pad printing cannot achieve. Things like mugs, trophies, water bottles, boxes, car parts, golf clubs, hard hats, skate boards, boats, tools, windows, mirrors, phones, laptops, makeup, hairdryers, taps, alarm boxes are all possible - your imagination really is the limit.

Images show textured transfers - this option increases durability and image depth

Try before you buy - exclusive Trade Print Service

DTF UV is such a new concept we are going to run a pilot scheme included in our Trade Print Service. This is still restricted to Resolute equipment owners and will be accessible through the same private portal as regular Trade Print. You will need to choose UV or Textile at the beginning of the form and the rest of the process will be the same. Because there are so many different print modes we can only offer standard DTF transfers as opposed to the many other products the R-Jet PRO DTF UV2 can produce.

Search for Resolute DTF in the APP store or Google Play to get our new Phone App.

What will UV Trade Print Cost?

To keep the pilot scheme simple the costing will be worked out in a similar way as standard textile Trade Print, the pilot scheme costs will be as follows:-

  • One setup fee of £10 will be charged, additional orders printed on the same day are included in this fee.

  • The minimum our system can charge it is £1. If you want one logo it is ok but we will always fill the full minimum £1 strip.

  • Standard shipping will be £8.50 via next day courier or free collection.

  • We will deal with imposition for you, please upload single artwork only.

  • You can upload 10 different jobs per order.

  • Artwork must be the correct size to print and excess blank areas cropped, extra blank areas will be included and charged as some application requires this for small images.

  • Your artwork file must have a transparent background (RGB file is ok).

  • Press ready or high resolution PDF is best, EPS, PSD & PNG are also ok.

  • DTF UV is high res so images in files should be 300dpi.

  • Instructions on how to apply will be included with your order.

  • Please do not email files to be printed, the sheer volume of orders our regular Trade Print Service deals with on a daily basis means we cannot accept files by email.

  • Delivery times quoted at the point of order are approximate. If you need your order for a specific date please call to confirm this is achievable.

The cost per linear metre will be £25 for average ink coverage. If your job takes up the full width by 10cm depth it will be approximately £2.50. There is no minimum order quantity.

Once the pilot scheme ends the DTF UV Trade Print cost will reduce to our standard terms: consumables at the standard advertised single item RRP plus labour. This service will then only be available to owners of DTF UV equipment purchased directly from Resolute. Access to the Trade Print service is part of the warranty with your equipment. It is also included in our Gold extended service agreements once your initial warranty expires.

Please tell us what you think, will you use our Trade Print DTF UV service?

  • Yes I think it is a good idea

  • No its not for me thank you

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