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What's new for the R-Jet PRO DTF range in 2023 & winter wet capping

Over the last 12 months we have been researching different cutting solutions for DTF transfers. Let’s face it, Resolute and the R-Jet PRO DTF range of printers have changed the way many businesses produce decorated textiles. The DTF technology is great, and the last piece of the puzzle to streamline the process is about to become available.

Automated DTF transfer cutting

One of the most common things I hear said from R-Jet PRO DTF owners is "if only we could cutout the transfers automatically" Many of you will know we have been working on this for over a year now, what seems like a relatively standard process has thrown us some serious bends in the road, but after testing a lot of cutting systems and numerous software tweaks we have found two solutions that work and, work well.

Resolute RIP does the work for you

In order to save time, the cutting process needs to be quick and simple so we have made sure Resolute RIP does the setup for you when you import your files. The RIP upgrade to automated cutting is included with either of the cutters we supply. These special drivers allow for the print command to include the "print & cut" command we have all been waiting for. There are two main options to choose from when importing a file for cutting: you can choose to simply cut out the image using the files bounding box (rectangle with straight edges which is the artworks canvas or file size) or Resolute RIP will produce a contour cut tracing the edges of the print removing as much of the waste film as you choose to (more complex and used more with UV DTF transfers) making it easier to apply or fit a jig you may have to help with positioning.

R-Jet PRO DTF UV2 - What cutting means for this printer

Currently this UV printer is undervalued due to its hybrid capabilities being kept under wraps, it is a very new concept to be able to produce DTF transfers for promotional items on the same printer that can produce vinyl or paper labels in any shape or size by simply changing the media roll. This process comes into its own with the introduction of automated cutting. To boast its capabilities we are moving our own DTF ink bottle labels over to this method rather than using the label printers we currently use. When we did a cost comparison the savings in ink and label media was impressive, but the ability to produce what we want and much quicker was the main reason. Using this printer we can choose between a DTF UV ink only bottle decoration which is unique, impossible to remove and very hard to copy, or a contour cut UV printed vinyl label which can be any shape or size. The different media available for UV printing is endless - one of my favourites is matt black vinyl printed with raised clear varnish, its hard to visualise but it makes any company logo look stunning and very professional.

Trade Print UV pilot scheme - to cut or not to cut?

To celebrate the launch we will be running a pilot scheme for cutting out UV DTF transfers. Many of you are taking advantage of the UV transfer pilot scheme and enjoying the benefits of testing this new process on your own products. It’s been a great success and with the R-Jet PRO DTF UV2 printers starting to be installed in 2023 we will miss watching this amazing printer producing some of your ingenious designs through our Trade Print service. Being able to contour cut the application film to within a few millimetres makes the application much easier, with no large areas of adhesive sticking to the product, the removal of the laminate becomes much easier and reduces any jerky movements which can cause the print to tear before it has a chance to correctly bond.

R-Jet PRO DTF V1, V2, V3, V4, V8 - Throw away your scissors!

There are millions of textile DTF transfers cut out in many different ways. Resolutes’ exclusive owners Trade Print service has supplied over 1 million logos before the end of November this year. That’s a lot of cutting out, but let’s be thankful there has been no weeding!

Automated DTF transfer cutting for textiles not only streamlines your process it reduces film costs. You no longer need to leave larger gulleys for manual cutting, we estimate over 100 metre roll this could save as much as 10% in wasted film depending on the type of work you are doing. With the savings in media costs and the labour saved with automated cutting the equipment will pay for itself in a relatively short period of time. If you sell transfers, the savings on postal tubes and triangle boxes will shock you. The shipping can be more economical too, you can fit a lot of cut transfers into a small packet that can be posted rather than using a courier service.

For further info on our cutting systems please call

01246 202686 or email

Winter wet capping over the holidays

Wet capping for your Christmas break is very similar to a normal clean down, please follow these instructions, if in doubt give us a call.

  • Make sure you run your white ink tank down as low as possible

  • Clean down and make sure you have a good nozzle check

  • Fill both caps with the universal cleaner & wet cap solution

  • X home the printer & make sure it has capped

  • Switch off and turn off the power

  • If you are turning your heating off make sure you leave a small oil filled radiator turned down low under the ink tank side of the printer.

  • Your printer must not freeze over the holidays

  • On return fill up the white tank with freshly shaken white ink

  • Switch on and wait 30 minutes with the software loaded before attempting your two strong cleans & a nozzle test.

Christmas Closing dates

We will be closed from 4:00pm on the 22nd December 2022 and re open on January 3rd 2023.

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