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Powderless DTF Hybrid ? ?

DTF technology moves at an alarming rate. In only 6 months from selling the very first Powderless DTF system in the UK, the team at Resolute have quickly mastered the hybrid version. Traditional DTF prints do have a small amount of feel to them, whilst this is much less of a feel than vinyl or print & cut, the launch of the R-Jet PRO DTF NP brings with it the thinnest and softest DTF prints in the industry.

The best of both worlds!

Whilst there is nothing wrong with the durability of Powderless prints, they are better suited to high quality fashion wear rather than workwear. They are also better suited to polyester over powdered prints because of their softer feel. With quite a few of our customers now having both systems, people have started to talk about how great it would be if both processes could be moulded into one, and that's exactly what the team at Resolute have done. With some additional RIP software, a custom finishing unit and an R-Jet PRO DTF NP printer you can now produce the very softest Powderless DTF prints and hardwearing workwear with a single hybrid system.

How complicated is it to use?

It really is as simple as flicking a switch and sending your DTF print job through a different print queue, you can flip between Powderless & Powdered DTF prints without even cutting the film. It sounds too good to be true! The new hybrid system does cost a little more than the traditional system, but with both DTF processes built into one unit the cost of a full hybrid system is remarkable value for money and much less than buying two full systems.

Can it still do metallics?

One of the unique features the R-Jet PRO DTF NP has is the ability to print clear adhesive without ink which allows metallic hot peel film to be used to add highlights to your DTF prints. Until powderless was introduced this was impossible to do. The same benefits are produced when you introduce powder to a print with clear adhesive increasing its ability to adhere the metallic foil to more porous substrates like hoodies and polo shirts.

Polyester Polo shirt with metallic gold foil applied.
How big is it?

If space is at a premium, the hybrid system is ideal. It's a well known fact, the Powderless system can comprise of an R-Jet PRO DTF NP printer and a 60cm curing oven, adding a manual powder tray and the special RIP software allows for both processes to be produced in the same small footprint using only standard 13 amp domestic power. Space saving and energy saving are two very important points to a growing business.


W2100mm x D700mm x H1200mm

Auto finishing unit

L2700mm x W1200mm x H950mm

Oven curing unit (desktop size)

W750mm x D650mm x H200mm

What’s the catch?

Putting together the hybrid Powderless system does cost a little more over the standard system. The benefits far outweigh the extra costs and with the introductory price set until 2023 to buy two DTF systems at the average cost would be almost double this amount. If you are just starting out with DTF and use the oven to cure both types of prints, the automated finishing unit can be added at a later date keeping the initial cost of ownership to a minimum.

Why buy an R-Jet PRO DTF NP system?

Traditional DTF prints are fantastic, some companies want to go the extra mile and produce even higher quality, softer feeling prints. Powderless DTF prints really come into their own on polyester sportswear and quality retail wear. If your business produces predominantly workwear, until now Powderless was not an option, with the ability to produce both Powderless and Powdered prints in a single system the new hybrid system offers the best of both worlds in half the space normally required and at almost half the cost.

The Facts
  • Being able to produce both types of DTF print with a single system.

  • Smaller footprint - less space required.

  • Reduced power use when used with the oven curer.

  • Stand out against your competitors by offering both processes.

  • Simple to operate - training is included.

  • Install where other systems do not fit.

  • Save over buying two separate systems.

If you would like further information or would like to see this amazing hybrid DTF system in operation please contact our sales manager Ricky Nunn on 01246 202686 or drop an email to


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