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What's on the Resolute stand B20 at Printwear & Promotion Live 2023

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Resolute announce its best ever show deals at Printwear & Promotion Live 2023 with a brand new ink launching.
Resolute to host the DTF seminar at Printwear & Promotion Live 2023, Colin Marsh, Resolute MD explains the three different types of DTF, the pros & cons of DTF, production figures along with industry information you won't find on the internet.

Its #dtfprinter & #dtfink time on the Resolute stand B20 at Printwear & Promotion Live 2023. There is no doubt that Resolute is leading the UK DTF industry, DuPont chose to launch its new Artistri P1600 for DTF inks through Resolute at the Printwear & Promotion Live 2023 show.

Resolute introduces a new high quality DTF ink at Printwear & Promotion Live 2023 - See it printing live on stand B20

DuPont Artistri P1600 DTF UK ink launch.

Resolute will be introducing the newly developed DuPont Artistri P1600 inks. The Artistri P1600 ink is a low-viscosity ink specially designed for DTF applications. The new high performance pigment inks have stunning vibrant colours and one of the brightest white inks we have ever seen. Developed by DuPont the new DTF inks will be manufactured in the US. This UK launch is yet another enhancement that improves the industry changing DTF process and brings a new level of stability to the DTF process. When industry giants come to market with a DTF ink, it is confirmation that this relatively new print process will continue to grow in popularity and increase its market share of the garment decoration industry. If you would like to witness the brightness of these new inks, we will be printing with them live on the Resolute stand B20, this ink is being demonstrated solely by Resolute at the Printwear & Promotion Live show 2023.

Resolute's stand B20 will be a full working print shop including the new R-Jet PRO DTF V8 high speed production system.

With production speeds of up to 28m per hour and high quality colour print at 20m per hour the R-Jet PRO DTF V8 is one of the fastest DTF systems available. Seeing is believing this amazing printer with a performance that will not disappoint. Simply drop your artwork into the relevant queue in the RIP and your DTF prints will be printed at high speed, high quality or with sublimation blocking properties. Our extensive tests proved very positive with 90% of sublimated garments tested passing the white ink opacity test.

Try your hand at DTF printing on the Resolute stand B20

If you fancy a go at DTF printing, drop onto the Resolute stand B20. We are very easy to find, go through the entrance and look straight ahead a little to the left, we are the second row back behind our authorised dealers Ralawise. We are offering live demos on all the equipment on the stand at different times of the day, on the hour every hour. You can press one of our designs onto a t-shirt or hoodie and take your handy work away with you.

The Resolute R-Jet PRO DTF V4 Printer has a new energy saving compact finisher option, this can be seen working on the stand B20.

DTF Printer
The Resolute R-Jet PRO DTF V4 Printer with a new space saving compact finishing unti

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