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All Sizes of Teflon Pillows

Teflon Pillows

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Teflon pillows ensure even heat distribution and pressure for better results on pockets, sleeves, and uneven surfaces.

  • Master those tricky areas with Teflon pillows! These heat-resistant cushions, featuring a Teflon coating, are your secret weapon for achieving professional-looking heat transfers. By placing a Teflon pillow between your garment and the heat press platen, you get:

    • Unmatched Evenness: Say goodbye to pressure points and inconsistent heat transfer. Teflon pillows ensure optimal heat distribution for a better finish, especially on pockets, sleeves, and other uneven surfaces.
    • Superior Results Every Time: Achieve professional-looking transfers on garments with buttons, seams, or zippers. Teflon pillows help you navigate these challenging areas with confidence.