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KF200 Cleaning Solution

KF200 - Cleaning, Capping and Flushing Solution

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Essential Maintenance for DuPont Artistri P1600 DTF Inks: KF200 Cleaning, Capping and Flushing Solution

  • The KF200 Cleaning & Capping Solution is specifically formulated for use with DuPont Artistri P1600 DTF inks to maintain your printer's cleaning and wet capping needs.

    Importance of KF200:

    • Unique Ink Compatibility: Optimized for the specific formulation of P1600 inks, unlike other cleaning solutions.
    • Flushing, Cleaning & Wet Capping: Offers a versatile solution for various maintenance tasks.
    • Safe for Print Head: Prevents damage caused by harsh cleaning agents.
  • Instructions:

    • Use foam swabs or lint-free cloths for cleaning with KF200 (avoid IPA wipes on the print head).
    • Refer to your DuPont Artistri printer manual for detailed cleaning instructions using KF200.

    Safety Information:

    • Always follow the safety guidelines outlined in your printer's manual.
    • Ensure proper ventilation in your workspace.
    • Keep this product out of reach of children and pets.

    Additional Information:

    • KF200 can also be used with other water-based DTF inks (compatibility testing recommended).