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If you have a head strike or your print head is getting tired and has blocked nozzles, try Resolute's Print head rescue kit.
Over 50% of print heads are recoverable after a head strike, but it requires a special solution to dissolve the film coating that clogs the nozzle exit holes. Resolute's rescue solution contains a powerful active ingredient that dissolves congealed ink and film coatings. Gloves should always be used when using this solution.


The kit contains the following :-

  • 100ml Rescue soaking solution
  • 250ml Cleaning and soaking solution
  • 2 x packs of foam swabs
  • Resolute IPA wipes
  • Protective gloves


Always follow the instructions when using the rescue solution to avoid damaging your printer.



Print head rescue kit

Excluding VAT
  • Please follow these instructions carefully, never use the rescue solution without protective gloves.

    1. Print a nozzle test sheet and leave it attached for reference.
    2. Clean your capping station and wiper blade using the IPA wipes.
    3. Next clean the print head carriage plate around the print heads with new clean IPA wipes.
    4. Open the print head rescue solution, pour enough onto a clean foam swab to soak it.
    5. Use the wet swab to clean the surface of the CMYK print head in a front to back motion.
    6. Wet a new swab and clean the surface of the white print head surface in a front to back motion.
    7. Now discard the used swabs and IPA wipes into a plastic bag.
    8. Carefully fill both capping stations with the rescue solution to the top, if a little spills over it does not matter.
    9. Now use the X home command to return the carriage to its home position.
    10. Wait 30 minutes.

    Initiate a strong head clean on both heads two times, this can be both heads together or separately depending on which model of R-Jet PRO DTF you have. Now print another nozzle test pattern and compare it to the previous one. If it looks considerably better but is less than 95% good repeat the process for 30 minutes again. If there is no change the print head made be lost or your capping station is not perfoming correctly.

    Do not leave the soaking solution in the capping station for more than 30 minutes at a time, damage to your print heads and capping station can occur if you do.

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