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Resolute's Rescue Kit

Print Head Rescue Kit

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Revive Your Print Head with Resolute's DTF Rescue Kit



  • Restore Clogged Nozzles and Avoid Print Head Replacement.

    The Resolute Print Head Rescue Kit is a powerful solution for recovering print heads with blocked nozzles due to head strikes or dried ink. 


    • Over 50% Success Rate: Effectively dissolves film coating and recovers clogged nozzles in most cases.
    • Powerful Cleaning Formula: Specially formulated solution tackles congealed ink and film residue.
    • Easy to Use: Includes all necessary cleaning tools and clear instructions.

    Kit Contents:

    • 100ml Rescue Soaking Solution (powerful)
    • 250ml Cleaning and Soaking Solution (milder)
    • 2 Packs of Foam Swabs
    • Resolute IPA Wipes
    • Protective Gloves
  • Important Information:

    • Always wear gloves when handling the rescue solution.
    • Follow instructions carefully to avoid damaging your printer.
    • Solution limited to 30 minute soaks to prevent damage.
    • May require repeat cleaning for heavily clogged nozzles.


    • Print and save a nozzle test sheet.
    • Clean capping station and wiper blade with IPA wipes.
    • Clean print head carriage plate with IPA wipes.
    • Soak swabs in rescue solution and clean print head surfaces.
    • Fill capping stations with rescue solution.
    • Return carriage to home position (X home command).
    • Wait 30 minutes.
    • Perform strong head clean cycle (twice).
    • Print a new nozzle test sheet and compare.
    • Repeat steps 6-9 if necessary (max 2 times).

    Note: If the print head shows no improvement after repeated cleaning, it might be damaged or require professional service.

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