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Kodak DTF inks formulated for Epson print heads.

These very high gammut inks offer rich deep colours, the White Ink is high opacity and has good dye migration blocking properties. Suitable for use in the R-Jet PRO DTF 60 and R-Jet PRO DTF MIDI and all printers using Epson print heads DX, XP & i3200 series.


Can be used with most films and adhesive powders. For best results use Resolute Premium Powered by Kodak Films.


Product info: The K series inks are part of the Resolute Premium Powered by Kodak range.

Products displaying the official Powered by Kodak branding are made and suppplied by Kodak in the UK and sold through Resolute DTG Ltd. 


If you wish to swap over to these high quality Resolute Premium Kodak DTF inks please call 01246 202686 before using. Due to the high gammut value these inks require a different ICC profile, colours may change from previously printed jobs.

Kodak DTF Inks

PriceFrom £75.00
Excluding VAT
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