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Resolute Premium 60 cm Cold Peel Bundle

Resolute Premium 60 cm Cold Peel Film Bundle

£239.00 Regular Price
£199.00Sale Price
Excluding VAT

Achieve Effortless Peeling with the Resolute Premium Cold Peel Film Bundle

  • Get Everything You Need for Flawless Cold Peel DTF Transfers at a Reduced Price

    Take advantage of this money-saving bundle to streamline your cold peel DTF printing workflow.

    Bundle Includes:

    • 1 Roll of Resolute Premium Cold Peel DTF Film: Enjoy exceptional cold peel performance for easy transfer application.
    • 1 Litre Bottle of Resolute Premium White DTF Ink: Achieve vibrant colours and long-lasting results.
    • 1 Kilo of Resolute Premium DTF Powder: Ensure optimal adhesion for flawless cold peel transfers.