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This hot peel bundle has the added benefit of the new hot & cold peel EVO. Superfine detail that would normally not hot peel can be peeled cold offering greater fine detail prints. 

1 x roll of Resolute Premium Hot & Cold peel EVO DTF film normally £199

1 x 1 litre bottle of DuPont Artistri White DTF ink normally £95

1 x kilo of Resolute Premium DTF powder normally £27

These products purchased separately would cost £331 + vat.

The bundle price is just £269 + vat saving over £60 per order.


DuPont Artistri P1600 DTF inks offer high quality vibrant colours with exceptional printability.

Artistri® digital inks combine DuPont proprietary dispersions, polymers and ink formulations for the most innovative digital inks in advanced printing. From the brightest and richest colours to custom formulations, Artistri® provides colour consistency across production runs and over time. And with a 30+ year history in technology and innovation, DuPont™ Artistri® delivers an innovative portfolio of ink products to bring your colours to life. This DTF ink contains NO Ethanol Glycol.

It has OEKO-TEX  |  GOTS  |  HAPS  | Certified hazardous air pollutants free.


For use  with Epson print heads - Certified for use with Resolute Premium Hot & Cold peel DTF films, our new EVO universal DTF film and adhesive powder.


Made in the USA - distributed in the UK by Resolute.

These DTF inks offer superior quality - created with ingredients that are not available to other ink manufacturers they are truly unique. The white ink usage can be reduced by up to 30% less making a litre go further than any other DTF ink. They offer greater value for money, require less head cleanings and have all the certification and eco credentials you would expect from one of the most experienced ink manufacturers in the world. 


DuPont Artistri P1600 DTF inks bring stability to the DTF industry on a global scale. 

DuPont Artistri Hot Peel EVO Bundle

£269.00 Regular Price
£209.00Sale Price
Excluding VAT
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