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DuPont EVO Bundle Hot Peel Film, White Ink and Adhesive Film

DuPont Artistri EVO Bundle

£269.00 Regular Price
£209.00Sale Price
Excluding VAT

Achieve Flawless Results and Get Everything You Need for Exceptional DTF Printing with DTF Bundles, Including EVO Film with the DuPont Hot Peel EVO Bundle

  • This value-packed bundle combines premium hot & cold peel film, ink, and powder for ultimate DTF printing versatility.

    Bundle Includes:

    • 1 Roll of Resolute Premium Hot & Cold Peel EVO DTF Film: Achieve flawless hot or cold peel transfers, ideal for intricate designs (EVO film).
    • 1 Litre of DuPont Artistri White DTF Ink: Get vibrant colours and exceptional printability with reduced ink usage (up to 30% less white ink).
    • 1 Kilo of Resolute Premium DTF Powder: Ensure optimal adhesion for flawless transfers.
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