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Resolute Premium 42 cm HOT PEEL Bundle

Resolute Premium 42cm HOT PEEL DTF Bundle

£229.00 Regular Price
£169.00Sale Price
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Get Hot Peel DTF Essentials at a Discount: Resolute Premium 42cm Hot Peel DTF Bundle

  • Achieve High-Quality Hot Peel Transfers for Less with This Bundle 

    This mobile app launch bundle is a great way to get started with hot peel DTF printing or stock up on your supplies at a reduced price.

    What's Included:

    • Resolute Premium Hot Peel DTF Film (1 roll): Produce high-quality hot peel transfers.
    • Resolute Premium White DTF Ink (1 litre bottle): Experience vibrant colours and long-lasting results.
    • Resolute Premium DTF Powder (1 kilo): Ensure optimal adhesion for flawless hot peel transfers.