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Resolute Premium Kodak 42cm DTF Film

Resolute Premium Kodak DTF Film 42cm

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Exceptional DTF Printing with Resolute Premium42cm Kodak DTF Film

  • The Resolute Premium 42cm Kodak DTF Film is a premium solution for exceptional DTF transfers, backed by the trusted name of Kodak.

    Key Features:

    • Kodak Quality: Backed by the heritage of a world-renowned film manufacturer.
    • Warm Peel Compatibility: Designed for easy peeling after heat curing.
    • Excellent Colour Vibrancy: Produces stunning, high-definition prints.
    • Double-Coated for Grip: Ensures smooth handling in automated systems.
    • Anti-Static Properties: Minimises dust and ink build-up in your printer.
    • 42cm Width: Ideal for various printing needs.
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