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Silicone curing paper

High-Temperature Silicone Curing Paper

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Protect and Enhance Your DTF Prints with Silicone Curing Paper

  • Ensure exceptional results for your DTG and DTF printing projects with Resolute's Silicone Curing Paper. This professional-grade paper provides a heat-resistant surface for curing prints while safeguarding your platen.

    Key Features:

    • Heat Resistant: Withstands high temperatures for optimal DTG and DTF curing.
    • Non-Stick Surface: Prevents prints from adhering to the paper, ensuring easy removal.
    • Platen Protection: Guards your printer's platen from ink spills and overspray.
    • Double-Sided Usable: Maximise efficiency by utilising both sides of the sheet.
    • Bulk Pack: Convenient box of 500 sheets keeps you well-stocked for frequent use.


    • Curing DTG prints directly on the paper.
    • Second pressing DTF prints after film removal for enhanced adhesion and finish.
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